Corporate is one of the commercial sites of RG International B.V. RG International B.V. is run & managed by industry veteran experts. Our company goal is to provide accommodation & hospitality services for large (sports) events worldwide. We started, in other legal entities, to rent more than 250 apartments and also media studios in Rio de Janeiro during the last World Cup in Brazil. Our focus is now on the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

We have 2 lines of business. The first is on Business to Business, which is offering our services to Companies, Travel Agencies, Olympic Committees and regionally selected Business Partners. The second is Business to Consumers, where individual consumers can book accommodation with us.

RG International B.V. is in no way affiliated with the Dutch Olympic Committee, the Dutch Olympic Team or the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee (ROCOG). Any terms in reference to the Olympics or Rio 2016 are used merely for descriptive purposes. RG International B.V. should not be mistaken for an official box office or agent for the Olympic Games.

The terms Olympics, Summer Olympics, and 2016 Summer Olympics are registered trademarks of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The limited use of the terms Olympics, Summer Olympics, and 2016 Summer Olympics herein, if any, is for factual description purposes only. RG International B.V. is in no way associated with the RIO 2016 Organizing Committee, the IOC and/or Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, and is not an authorized resell of Olympic or Paralympic tickets. RG International B.V. is in no way authorized by the United States Olympic Committee. The United States Olympic Committee has not licensed or endorsed RG International B.V. to sell goods and/or services in conjunction with Olympic events such as the 2016 Rio Olympics. RG International B.V. is an independent accommodation & hospitality services provider that specializes in World Wide Sports Events.